Butterfly Garden Memory Jar

Butterflies, leaves and swirling patterns decorate this vintage pewter jar both in its raised relief patterns and its adornments.  Butterflies are thought by many to symbolize life after death because of its transformation from an earthly caterpillar to the beautiful, ethereal creature that flies through the air.  And some believe that the butterfly symbolizes the freedom of the soul upon death.  Let this memory jar bring the comfort of knowing your beloved’s presence still surrounds you.

The muted silver tones bring a soothing presence to this lovely piece and a touch of rhinestones provides just a touch of light.  Let this pleasing piece hold treasured memories of your beloved or let it stand as a symbol of your love.

This memory jar is 8 ¼ inches high and 4 ¼ inches wide.  It is decorated with both vintage and modern adornments that enhance one another and the piece as a whole.  As with all of our vintage vessels, there may be some slight imperfections which are intentionally left alone in keeping with our artistic vision.

Price: $ 195.00 (Includes free, insured shipping to continental U.S. addresses)