Memory Jars are created from vintage containers of many shapes, sizes, designs, materials and silhouettes.  They are a perfect repository for small trinkets, mementos, photos, or ephemera that evoke memories of your beloved.  Perhaps something in the artistic impact of the jar itself reminds you of your dear one and may stand alone as a testament to the   love you shared.  Memory Jars are also lovely gifts used as dream jars, blessing jars, prayer jars, or simply as a beautiful way to hold memories close.

You may choose from our collection of memory jars shown on the individual subpages below (click on the titles to see each jar).  Alternatively, we we would be honored to create a personalized memory jar in consultation with you.  We can use your loved one’s costume jewelry or items from a collection they cherished such as stamps, coins, buttons, charms, small figurines, ornaments, souvenirs, or any other small items that are significant to you.

While these jars are not designed to hold cremains, they are created with a philosophy similar to that of the Cremation Urns we offer.  However, unlike the Cremation Urns, the Memory Jars are not new and unused.  The Memory Jars, as well as their decorations, are vintage items that may intentionally have the patina of small scratches, nicks or missing jewels. Our photos faithfully depict the richness of our designs so that you may view the entire artwork.  These designs are intended for those who fully appreciate the philosophy of valuing the past and its imperfections.