Radiance Memory Jar

This dazzling jar was created to reflect the bright, brilliant, vivid nature of your beloved.  Resplendent from tip to base with hundreds of gorgeous vintage rhinestones, this breathtaking creation reflects the love you shared.

Standing 10 inches high and 7 ½ inches wide, this beautiful vessel can contain notes, trinkets, or special treasures to remind you of your loved one.  The silver-plated jar is adorned not only with vintage rhinestones, but vintage faux pearls as well, all surrounded with metals in tones of silver and gold.  The detail, both in the design of the jar itself and in the adornments, combine to create a vessel of exquisite beauty.

As with all of our vintage vessels, there may be some slight imperfections which are intentionally left alone in keeping with our artistic vision.

Price: $ 525.00 (Includes free, insured shipping to continental U.S. addresses)